2 Tactics to Gain Consistent Profit on Football in-Play Bets

Over the years, football betting has turned out to be one of the most lucrative pastimes in British history. In fact, people find themselves having a much easier time getting into the whole experience than ever before.

With football supporters backing their favourite teams or putting in cash to make bank from games they feel are the best of the season, betting activity is at an all-time high. To any fan-turned-serial bettor, in fact, putting money on a team in any match is essential because of how much it makes a match far more exciting before, during, and after the game itself!

If you’ve begun making football betting a habit that you look forward to, then you’re obviously going to want to start ensuring that you get as much profit as possible every single time. While it’s true that betting on the game will come with its assortment of lows and losses from time to time, it’s also important to know that you can minimise such risks by making consistent profits bet after bet. 

With billions of pounds being bet during games, there is much room to improve your long-term strategy to ensure that you consistently stay on the green and maximise each match’s odds. As time goes on, there are specific strategies and approaches that will make more sense as they make it easier to net profit with each bet—and it just so happens that one of these strategies is betting on football in-play.

The Value of Making Bets In-Play 

To those that are new to the idea of betting on football in-play, the best way to define it is that it’s a practice that involves placing bets during the match itself.

As opposed to the traditional pre-match placement, this style of betting allows bettors to place their wagers in even if they’ve managed to miss out on the opportunity before the game started. Although this option was seen as one that was mainly of convenience above all else, it has become a favoured option among a growing number of bettors because it makes it easier to keep profits consistent! 

In-Play Tactics Worth Considering

Before you jump into in-play football betting and cast your wagers, it’s important to know that there are several tactics that you can use to get right in the groove and assure yourself of top-notch results. While the list of probable strategies continues to grow, here are some of our top picks worth trying: 

Strategy #1: Backing Under 2.5 Goals Market (for Tight, Evenly-Match Games)

Generally, this is a useful tactic for matches involving two evenly-matched sides where scores and aggregates are too close to pick an even winner. 

When you start backing the under 2.5 goals market from the outset, you can rake in small, consistent profits game after game without worrying about any gaps or significant long-term losses. The main reason this strategy works so well is that betting on close games to start slow with no goals in the opening 10-15 minutes, cashing out, and moving on to find your next tight match offers an easier workaround and smoother process!

Strategy #2: Backing Over 2.5 Goals Market at HT If 0-0 (for Scoreless Games until Half-Time)

If you’re looking for another easy way to maximise your in-play bets is to consider and work with the in-play match statistics at half time. 

When the scoreline remains goalless, but both sides have had many shots on target, the possibilities of there being goals in the second half will be high. This means that there will most likely be a goal that you can be on in the following half. It’s also worth working with this strategy because you’re essentially getting better value on your over 2.5 goals bet than if you would have placed an initial bet on this outcome at the kickoff!


If you’re looking into the possibility of betting on your favourite football teams and matches, then you’ll need to come up with a game plan for consistent profits—which is where in-play betting tactics come in handy. With the help of the two strategies mentioned above (and many more that you’ll come across as you learn in the long run), you’ll be able to keep your streams green without relying on chance or luck!

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