4 Football Betting Tips for Beginners to Remember

Football is one of the most awaited sports in the betting world because of its unique thrill and skill set for bookmakers like you. Unfortunately, there is fierce competition, and you often have to outdo more experienced professionals to build your credibility in the gambling industry. Luckily, if you go about this with logic and intuition, you can overcome the challenges ahead of you. Consider the following tips for your guidance: 

Never underestimate the power of team analysis 

As a novice, you may be thinking about going for sports teams with the highest wins against losses, especially since they are most likely to ace their football matches. However, it’s not that simple, especially during the Premier League and other well-known English football tournaments. 

Remember, every team has their weaknesses, so many coaches look into the standing position, recent form, goal averages, and home-away records. In other words, your adherence to data gathering and team analysis should be your top priority. 

Therefore, you should keep your eyes peeled for football prediction stats and learn to make informed calls yourself. This way, you can expect success even at the beginning of your sports betting career! 

Don’t place your bets for friendly matches 

Since you are just starting to appreciate the football betting process, you may be tempted to go for every game you see, like the ones during pre-season called the friendly matches. The same can be said for charity games and other unofficial matches. However, you aren’t really supposed to put your prediction skills to the test with them because whatever happens is based on luck and chance. It means logic, team statistics, and other football prediction tools are no good here. Therefore, when you see these matches on television, opt-out of any bets. 

Take note of the match’s venue

Many beginning and even experienced football betters may often have the sweeping generalisation that all stadiums are the same and don’t affect the team’s performance. However, this is a grave misconception that has caused many to lose in crucial matches. Therefore, you should avoid making the same mistake by looking at past games in the same football venue. It could be the edge you need to win big! 

Ignore personal preferences 

Through the course of your first betting, you may gravitate towards your own preferences since you may be a fan of a certain football team. You may also trust your fellow bookmakers with their own set of personal sentiments towards the game. As a result, you then develop biases that cloud your judgement and lose important matches. Worse, you may fail to build your career through football predictions because of your lack of receptiveness towards data. 

Thus, you should leave the fan-like mindset for now when you are bookmaking. You must also check yourself for any favouritism by analysing all teams purely through their statistics. This way, you can look at this exercise as what it is meant for: a place to make logical, well-informed predictions. 


Football betting as a beginner can be challenging because of the pressure to outperform others. You may also be held back by your lack of understanding of the betting process. Fortunately, you now have the tips and tricks you need to guide you. Meanwhile, if you feel you need that extra advantage to get started, consider our football prediction tools for your convenience. 

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