5 Betting Mistakes to Avoid to Increase Your Chances of Success

Do you have a friend that seems to have all the luck in the world, winning one bet after another on every single sport they’ve placed their money on? 

Well, here's a little secret we want to let you in on: you can be that person, too! Being an unbeatable person is a lot easier than you may realize, and although there isn't such a thing as a 100% success rate, you can make it seem like it is so.

If you wish to maximize your betting success rates, a little knowledge goes a long way. It all lies in avoiding the common betting mistakes people commit, all of which lead them on the road to failure. As such, we want to share with you betting mistakes you must avoid ensuring success:

Mistake 1: Following Your Guts and Heart

We are told far too often to follow our guts. While this may pay off once in a while, the chances of this ever happening are incredibly slim. Rather than betting through emotions, bet on facts! This means thoroughly researching the teams that you want to bet on, and if that means betting against your team. Though you may be disappointed that your team has lost, you can at least rest easy knowing that you've won the bet!

Mistake 2: Betting on Far Too Many Games

It can be tempting to bet on multiple games, especially if there are many running in one day. However, betting on many plays is a mistake because the risk of wiping out all your profits in one go is extremely high. We always recommend betting on one or two games only, complete with thoroughly researching those specific games to give you the highest chances of success.

Mistake 3: Adapting Your Standard Unit Size

Standard unit size has been set for a reason—to ensure that you do not overbet on a game. Even if the entire world looks like it is in your favour, never bet an amount that isn't your standard size. Anything can happen, and you may just as well end up losing whatever amount you placed as the bet. 

Whether you've been winning a lot or losing, stick to a standard size. Pair this with thorough research, and you'll be able to win back your losses quickly and start earning more.

Mistake 4: Betting without Knowing the Value

When we speak of value, we talk about how the odds relate to the estimated winning chance. Good betters know only to make excellent value bets, regardless of which teams they are a fan of. Betting with the highest value possible gives you the highest chances of success, so never make the mistake of betting against it!

Mistake 5: Betting with Money You Do Not Have

No matter how good the odds are at winning, never borrow money to bet. This isn't a movie where you can simply just hit the jackpot and win a million pounds. What you need to be doing is simply to bet a small percentage of your bank account. This way, you can always make sure you have some amount left for betting. If you run out, however, simply refrain from joining any more bets.


By avoiding the mistakes listed above, you give yourself the highest chances of becoming that person who seemingly wins every bet they make. However, do not expect to win every single bet you make from here on out—there is always the risk of losing your bet, but do not be disheartened by it. 

Continue to research your bets and be smart about your finances and betting habits. This way, you win more than you lose, giving you a great source of extra money in the long term.

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