Committing to Your Stakes: An Overview on Over/Under Betting

There are different ways to stake a bet on your favourite football teams, and each method has its own set of rules and guidelines. An over/under bet is a betting prediction that predicts certain actions in a game. Since a football game is more than just determining the winning and losing team, these other variables are trickier to guess. However, this betting category is a lot more fun and popular due to a bettor's extensive options.

Football as a Complex Sport

Football statistics will vary due to numerous variables, including the team matchup and even each player's performance. This is why it's a complex gamble to bet on the frequency of events that can occur through goals, corners, and bookings. Although numerous factors affect the game, betting options have been simplified to three simple events for the bettors' benefit.

In this article, we'll share three wagers you can place when over/under betting.

1. Over/Under Goal Predictions

Betting on the exact number of goals per game can seem more straightforward than predicting the match result. After all, you don't need to name the actual team who'll win at the end of the game. It simply means that you'll place a bet to determine a benchmark of potential goals in a game.

For example, an over goal of over 2.5 means your wager predicts that the game's total goals will be three or more. On the other hand, an under goal of 2.5 means you're preempting the game to just reach two goals maximum. An under bet will require more research on your part to ensure how two teams will fare during their match.

2. Over/Under Corner Predictions

Like predicting the number of goals per game, an over/under corner prediction is as its name implies. If you place an over seven corners in a match, this means the game should have at least eight or more corners to win the bet. On the other hand, an under seven corners means you're expecting six or fewer corners per game.

It's important to research the attacking quality of each team and how aggressive they play. Doing so will help you determine if they're more prone to playing corners in their game plan.

3. Over/Under Booking Predictions

It's not just the players' point-performance you should focus on when over/under betting. In fact, you can factor in a player's likelihood to get a yellow or red card in every match. For example, an over 3.5 yellow cards wager means you're betting for at least four or more yellow cards per game. In contrast, an under 3.5 yellow cards wager means you're predicting a maximum of three yellow cards in the match.

Sometimes, it's not just the aggressiveness of the players you should take into account for this betting category. Player and team history also affect this statistic to see if some matchups are more prone to risky plays.


Like any form of wager, over/under betting success will depend on the bettor's familiarity with a team and the matchup. Without a good understanding of player histories and game knowledge, you might as well throw your bets to waste. Thankfully, you don't have to manually track a football team's statistics by watching highlights and analysis videos. Thanks to modern technology, different databases can give you the information you need to help you make a data-driven football prediction.

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