Early Betting Predictions of the Premier League Teams

We hope that you've had a good betting season as last year's Premier league concluded. Of course, the new season is right around the corner, and now's the time to recollect what happened to the teams last season to understand what can be expected out of them this year. 

After all, your money—and possibly even pride—is on the line. The last thing you want to do is bet on something that is obviously the wrong decision at all, causing you to lose out big time.

That  said, here are some of our early Premier League predictions for some of the teams:


Arguably one of the most unconventional clubs to date, their stability is always in question—along with their ability to secure top spots on the Premier League table. Although Munoz has successfully run negotiations to power the club through the promotion bids, the Spaniard will have plenty to deal with to strengthen the team.


With the title defence not happening last season, it may seem that Liverpool is now way off the title, though they managed to secure one the season before last year's. However, Klopp has plenty of space to work. 

With many of his key players now reaching the old age of 30, he should be looking for fresh talents to ensure the victory of the "Reds 2.0." They've got the Manchester clubs to fight, and it has begun to look promising after securing Konaté.

Manchester City

A stunning season for Manchester City is what we can say to last year's Premier League title winners. However, it may seem that Manchester City's eye still lays on the Champions League cup, after Chelsea has beaten them to it. However, this does not mean they're no longer formidable foes. Despite Sergio no longer being in the team, they'll put up a fight, and a tough one at that.

West Ham United

Unfortunately famous for his ability to create raised expectations that ultimately lead to disappointments, David Moyes is, once again, expected to do a little magic for the club. Moyes will be tasked with securing talents the team needs to make it up the ladder, and with the prospect of getting Alex Kral and Adam Hlozek, this might be what the team needed. Of course, we'll see how everything goes, but things seem promising.

Manchester United

Under Ole's reign, Manchester United has been steadily progressing, looking strong with last year's second-place finish. However, with subpar performances in the FA Cup and the Europa Cup, it is clear that the Norwegian still has a lot to learn about turning the players into elites. Fortunately, with the funds in the bank, Manchester United might secure some strong talents to earn the win.


As unpredictable as things may be, this Premier League promises some of the most exciting matches there is to come. That said, for betters around the world, this might mean a little more excitement than they're comfortable with.

Fortunately, plenty of betting data is available on many platforms like ours to ensure you make

the most out of your decisions. With that in mind, we always recommend that you bet smartly, carefully understanding the factors working for and against each decision to maximise earnings at all times.

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