5 Important Facts to Find Out Before Hiring a Tipster

These days, there are far too many tipsters flashing fancy Lamborghinis on Instagram and offering thousands of pounds for a few bets. They have 'insider knowledge' and 'set bets' that cost exorbitant sums each tip.

These are the false prophets who have tarnished the football prediction industry. Finding an honest and good tipster, on the other hand, might transform your betting life forever. So how do you differentiate between a winning tipster and a con artist?

1. How's Their Historical Performance?

Calling the good bets requires experience and expertise. A tipster who has been playing the game for a more extended period has a better understanding of the sport and the various leagues. The ideal tipper has more than three seasons of experience. A trustworthy tipper will offer a record of both wins and losses. Sports betting is gambling, and there can never be a 100 percent victory rate.

As a demonstration of trust, a new tipster should at the very least provide a money-back guarantee. A trial period is even preferable. Many companies offer a one-month trial period, which is sufficient. You can also wait for an impartial reviewer to evaluate the tipster. You can expedite the process by informing the independent reviewer of the tipster.

2. How's Their Reputation on Social Media?

Some tipsters are blatant crooks out to take advantage of naïve followers. They create an appealing website and upload a plethora of fascinating historical performances. They can do this since websites can now be quickly built and controlled.

Apart from his website, where else is the tipster mentioned? Social media communities for sports enthusiasts are a great area to look for mentions of a particular tipster. If you can't locate him there, he's probably making up stories.

3. How's their Credibility on Legitimate Review Sites

Untrustworthy tippers have mastered the art of advertising on Google, Facebook, and Twitter for maximum traffic draws. However, it is not advised to put your confidence in a tipster simply because he is all over the internet. Instead, take a look at what fans are saying on social media and sports sites such as Reddit.

Review sites are also an excellent location to learn more about a tipster. Some tippers have ties to particular sportsbooks. Avoid evaluations from affiliates since they will try to entice you. Instead, examine impartial review sources for customer feedback. These are in-depth analyses of what you may discover on social media.

4. How Do They Cope With Failure?

Even the best tipper will occasionally have a string of bad luck, such as three or four losses in succession. However, a solid tipster can take setbacks in stride and continue to make good predictions. The tipster's delivery should also be constant. If he promises there will be seven tips every week, he should keep his word.

5. Are They Professional and Courteous in Your Dealings?

When it comes to betting, time is everything. Good odds might quickly deteriorate, decreasing your potential winnings by a substantial proportion. Therefore, a tipster should give tips on schedule, ideally on the day of the event.

What is the tipster's preferred form of communication? Preferably email, Apple or Android apps, or member login delivery. During the trial period, you may evaluate the tipster's timeliness.


Finally, when it comes to tipsters, think about professionalism and how you are handled as consumers. It is a positive indicator if the tipster you deal with looks to be well-organized and attentive to your queries and demands before and after you sign up for their service.

As with any paid product or service, you should expect to be cared for and valued as a paying customer, and this applies equally to a tipster as it does to a gym, digital streaming service, or cleaning business. With Data Vision Sport, we equip you with the best football prediction tools and tips so you can make your most informed hunches today!

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