3 Tips on How to Avoid Bad Football Betting Advice - Part 1

We understand that you want to get a competitive edge when it comes to football betting. This is why you might always be on the lookout for effective football betting tips. However, as you may know by now, not all football advice available is going to help you make good bets. In fact, some of the advice out there is just plain bad and will sabotage your overall betting strategy.

So, how do you discern between good advice and bad advice? Well, this can be rather tricky, especially for beginners, which is why we’ve prepared a few tips that will help you avoid falling prey to dubious advice. If you want to learn more about this, read for a list of tips that will help you avoid bad football betting advice!

Avoid Advice from Social Media

While social media is usually a great source of information, this isn’t always the case for football betting. What you have to understand is that just about anyone can create an account and send a random tip out into the world regardless of its validity. 

There’s just no way to verify whether or not the tips that you’ll see on social media are valid due to the sheer number of random tips that are available on the various social media platforms. Just to be safe, it would be best to avoid the advice that you get from social media. If you aren’t able to do this, at the very least, you should be extra critical when it comes to this type of advice!

Look for Proof 

The last thing you want is to follow advice from a tipster who has nothing to back it up with. As we’ve already talked about in our article on football betting tips for beginners, it’s important to look at the data and statistics before making any major bets. The first thing you always want to do when going through betting tips is to look for the data that backs up the claim. 

To add to this, it can also be helpful to look at the tipster’s betting history. If this information is not available, then it should already be a red flag that they are obviously hiding something. If the information is available, you should definitely review the outcomes of their bets and profits won so far before making a decision.

Determine if the Source Is Valid

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that the tipster is a professional and valid source. The last thing you want is to take advice from a bogus tipster. Now, there are a few ways you can weed out unreliable tipsters from professional ones, and one of the easiest ways is to review the website and see if it looks professional. While this won’t automatically confirm the tipster's legitimacy, having an unprofessional site is a tell-tale sign of a dubious tipster.

Another aspect that you’ll want to be on the lookout for is spam ads that consistently pop up on your screen. Legitimate websites won’t have ads like this, as they know it will ruin their audience’s experience!


You’ll want to be critical of any tips that you receive regarding football betting. As such, be sure to apply the tips we've shared above to minimise the risk of falling for bogus betting advice. Remember that the key to this is being thorough with any and all information that you receive to help you make more informed decisions when making bets!

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