Knowing Your Way Around Wagers - 3 Football Betting Tips

Most people think that sports betting has a 50/50 chance of being in your favour. No matter what the odds are, you’ll only ever get one of two outcomes: losing or gaining your money. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean veteran sports betters don’t follow guidelines that make their betting history lean more towards the winning side. Understanding these unspoken rules can make the difference between wasting and risking your bet.

Knowing your way around wagers

Sports betting is a lot more than just chasing the thrill of a match’s outcome; it’s also about discipline in knowing when and how much to bet. Different sports will have varying betting scenes, which makes betting involve particular variables for consideration. Although there’s no surefire way to win your football bet, there are some universal betting tips that will keep you off a losing streak.

In this article, we’ll share three football betting tips you should keep in mind before setting a wager.

1. Track your betting history

If you’re making regular bets with different bookmakers, it’s vital to keep a record of all your betting activity. Think of it as a ledger of all our prospective assets or potential losses, which keeps your betting history over time. Sometimes, trends are very much a viable way of having reliable wagers on teams and matches. Identifying which bets give you more success will provide you with a better idea of who to bet for in the future.

2. Look for new customer bonuses

There’s a vast market for betting sites beyond making personal connections with your local bookmaker. You can even make multiple bets on the same match with different odds. If you’re serious about maximising your winnings on a reliable wager, you can benefit from new customer bonuses on these platforms. Before placing your bets, check if there are betting sites that offer lucrative new customer bonuses that can give you more value for your money. Even if it’s a one-and-done deal, you can more than double your money with the right combination of betting perks.

3. Invest in research

Casual gamblers generally get lucky now and then with long shots or safe bets. For them, it’s enough to try and get a few wins even if their net outcome is a loss. You should be invested in betting by developing a knack for researching a match’s different variables, unlike amateurs.

Bookmakers have multiple resources that can help them evaluate stats to gauge the win-lose probability of any future match. They’re aware of recent trades, team play histories, and even player stats to provide compelling odds between competing teams.

Like bookmakers, you should also be familiar with the resources present to you to make your decisions data-driven and based on industry facts. Most bookies have a good eye on major league games but will generally have less information on lower-level competitions. This can be a niche environment for you to do specific research on lesser-known teams and matches.


Above all, you must only wager what you can afford to lose. Keeping your cool about what you’re capable of spending will prevent you from racking up huge amounts of bet. If you catch yourself on a losing stream, that one extra bet with higher stakes isn’t going to give better chances of winning. It’s important to know when you’ve lost and remember to take smaller, safer bets in the future.

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