Premier League Betting - A Beginner's Guide

Football fans, it’s that time of the year again: with final deciding matches about to begin and cup qualifiers are coming to a wrap, the Premier League is nearing its final stretch of match days before a champion is crowned once more.

At this point, after the last 12 months, you’ve hopefully  started making plans to watch the final stretch of games of the season with friends in the pub (where lockdown rules permit). The Premier League itself has grown rife with amazing levels of competition and constant nail-biting excitement, we’re all definitely in for a treat with this year's final games in what has been at times one of the most contested season’s in years. But did you know that it also serves as a great opportunity for betting?

Yes, you read that right: you can start making money off of your favourite pastime without needing to be a world-class player or owning a club! In the sections below, we will discuss everything you need to know about betting on the Premier League in further detail:  

A growing scene

Today, Premier League betting proves itself to be one of the most prominent forms of sports betting in the United Kingdom, but it is still far from reaching its peak.

With millions of pounds bet across the country for every weekend of the season, the world’s most prestigious football league isn’t just seeing competition amongst its teams but also with its betting community. As the market continues to grow larger each year, this type of betting presents itself as a worthy opportunity to novice and serious sports betting enthusiasts alike. Currently, there are more Premier League bets placed each season than Germany's Bundesliga and Italy's Serie A combined!

If you’ve long been watching football or partaking in sports betting, you’re likely considering the possibility of dabbling into Premier League betting. Considering that the returns can be lucrative and wagers add a new level of excitement to the game that we all know and love, it’s easy to see why this type of gambling is more popular than ever! 

Understanding how the Premier League works

Before we go into how you can use football prediction and football betting tips to your advantage, it is first important to understand how the Premier League works when you start betting on it. 

Sometimes referred to as the EPL, this top-level competition consists of 20 teams who play each other twice over from August through May. Seeing that each team plays all teams once at home and once away, each side plays 38 Premier League games per season, and there are 380 possible opportunities for interested betters to capitalise on. Add this to the 552 games in each of the Championship, League One Games and League Two, that’s over 2,000 betting opportunities per season. That’s a lot of football. 

Making a grand entrance with the right football betting tips

Now that you understand the basics of the size of the opportunity, it’s time to move on to what you’ve been waiting for: best-kept secrets (in a sense) of effective football betting tips. If you want to start making a killing with the world’s foremost football tournament and ensure that your chances of making great returns are high, here are a few tips well worth considering: 

Tip #1: Bet only when there is value

It is never smart to keep betting on every game of the Premier League because there are some match days where the expected returns are more trouble than what they’re worth. Before you go ahead and place your wagers, you must first check out the ongoing rates, odds, and potential returns in an EPL match so that you can put your money where it will flourish most!

Tip #2: Research as much as possible

While there may be many “bet-winning” secrets that are passed around today, nothing beats the value and effect of conducting regular research and analysis. Although this can be incredibly time consuming, through this simple yet effective practice, significant returns can be had with proper dedication and well-made bets!

Tip #3: Use the right tools

The one thing anyone should understand about betting on the Premier League is that using the right tools will make a winning difference—which is why you should start adding some to your arsenal (see what we did there?). With DataVision Sport’s best-in-class data dashboards, for instance, you can make the most informed bets possible by exploring our data and getting the best predictions on English Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two football matches!


As exciting as the English Premier League may be on its own for anyone that loves football, it can be made even more exciting with responsible betting—especially if you play your cards right. Through the help of the key points mentioned above, you’ll be able to make the most out of your love for football and start seeing immense results and returns in no time!

DataVision Sport is your home for English football predictions and data. Use our best-in-class data dashboards to explore our data, inform your betting and get predictions on English Premier League football matches. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

Remember to always gamble responsibly, bet with your head not your heart.

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