Football Betting Tips: Understanding Betting Yields—A Basic Guide

When you dabble into the world of sports betting, you’ll eventually learn that there are all sorts of terms that you’ll need to pick up sooner rather than later. From terms like “parlays” and “in-plays” to “low odds,” the amount of jargon that you’ll end up dealing with as you try to boost your winnings continues to grow as the years go by! Over time, in fact, you’ll eventually be so immersed in understanding the details and technicalities of betting to the point where your knowledge of the process extends to hundreds of different terms! 

As you continue to find success bet after bet through the use of effective approaches and tools, like the football prediction services from DataVision Sport, you’ll eventually hear the term “betting yield” sooner or later. While this concept is definitely something you’ll hear more often, the chances are that you’re not as well-versed with it as you should be. Fortunately, it isn’t too late to learn about the term in question because we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about it.

What Is It?

Before you start thinking about how you can use betting yields to your advantage, it’s important to understand what it means in the first place.

The simplest way to define a betting yield is that it’s a concept that refers to or encapsulates the rate of return on a money bet that is made—something that you’re well-aware of when you bet on a Premier League match, for instance. Over the years, in fact, experts have gone so far as to simplify the concept in question as to the net profit for each pound that is wagered! 

Beyond money, betting yields also adds a significant degree of efficiency or productivity in terms of your habits and decisions. Once you begin to understand the concept itself beyond the scope of money, you’ll be able to employ the right approaches moving forward and make much-needed tweaks to your overall strategy for the best results.

How do you calculate a betting yield?

Just like the term itself, the calculation for a betting yield is rather straightforward as it can be broken down into one simple formula:

Betting Yield = (Net Profit Made/Total Money Wagered)*100

The end result of this formula will yield a specific percentage that you can use to track the progress that you make in your bets and tabulate the forecasted performance of your betting decisions throughout a year. 

Let’s go over an example that uses this exact formula so that it’s much easier to understand and apply:

Suppose you place 20 bets that have a £5,000 net profit after wagering a total of £2,000 spread throughout all aforementioned bets. 

Taking the figures mentioned above into consideration, the first step you’ll need to take is dividing your profit by your total money wagered, which leads to a formula of £5,000/£2,000—which totals to 2.5. Once you have your 2.5, all you’ll need to do is multiple this figure by 100 to get a value of 250 that dictates a 250% betting yield for your actions. 

Where should you use this key concept?

As any betting expert will tell you, each term you come across during your betting experience bears a certain impact on your performance as a bettor in the long run—and betting yields are no exception.

In terms of understanding its performance, the one thing you need to know about the term in question is that it spells out how profitable you are across the string of wagers you’ve made so far. Additionally, this same figure also proves useful when you try to leave the betting to a professional as it can be used as a signal to identify good forecasters or betting tipsters! 


Amid all the different terms that you’ll run into as you learn to bet smarter over time, one critical concept worth knowing more about is the all-essential betting yield. Once you familiarise yourself with this particular betting concept, you’ll be able to equip yourself with a more refined approach to betting that’s bound to get you the best results!

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