Ways to Utilise Red Cards When Betting on Football

Football is one of the top sports celebrated worldwide. A typical match lasts for ninety minutes, with the game divided in half and a fifteen-minute break called a half-time involved. Although the game may seem short for normal people, sports enthusiasts who bet on their favourite team know how crucial each minute is for the players and the bettors themselves.

Numerous events can happen within the game, including ball possessions, goal-scoring attempts, and multiple offences. Many fouls in football can lead to a yellow card and a red card, the highest violation involved in the sport.

When a player receives a red card, they are sent out of the field without a substitute to take their place and cannot play for the rest of the game. If you’re betting on a team that acquires a red card, keep reading below to find out how you can use it to your advantage and look forward to the results you want.

A Team with a Red Card Has a Big Chance of Losing

In football, any team competing with a red card and missing a player is immediately at risk of losing. Because of having one less player to depend on, a red-carded team has to exert more effort, modify their roles, and ensure the others cover the missing person’s role.

Since a player got kicked off the field, there’s a hole the remaining players have to fill up, causing them to be more vulnerable to attacks from the opposing team. Regardless of how great a team is at defending, it’s much easier to concede goals.

When you opt to use a football prediction tool, the moment the other team receives a red card for one of their players, you should bet even higher since they are now more likely to lose. It’s your chance to take advantage of the situation because red cards often bring tension on the field, with exhausted players carrying their team due to the missing position.

A Team with a Red Card Could Give Up Their Goals

Another reason to feel more confident with football betting stats when the other team gets a red card is that it can impact their defence and cause them to become vulnerable. The team you’re hoping to win has more chances of attacking and penetrating past the defences.

After a player from another team is sent off, you could have the option to pick from multiple goal-scoring markets because lacking a player could lead a potentially winning team to score. The team without a violation has more chances of winning, treating them as an almost sure bet.

However, the odds of winning are lower than the available goal-scoring markets. The best thing you can do the moment the other team gets a red card is to rely on football predictions to ensure you’re making the right move.

A Team with a Red Card Will Attempt More Corner Goals

When a player from the other team obtains a red card during a football match, the team they belong to are bound to struggle with maintaining the ball in their possession. As a result, if they’ve been offensive before the red card occurred, they could switch and play defensive.

Their decision could put them at risk because their opponents now have a wider space and longer time to charge into their field and attempt a goal. The situation could lead to more corners, encouraging you to bet on multiple corners than usual.


In the end, you can look forward to winning your sports bets when a live football game involves red cards and other possible offences. For best results, you could analyse football betting statistics to help you make correct decisions.

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