Sports Betting: When Should You Use a Double Chance?

Football betting can be a simple hobby for some or a competitive pastime for others. Wherever you sit on the fence, it’s important to know the ins and outs that can help you make a winning wager.

Bettors have a lot of tools to help them optimise their wagers or change their picks midway. For example, knowing when to play your chips can give you a significant advantage even with underperforming picks. This article will go over the meaning and importance of using a double chance when making wagers in football betting.

Settling On Your Wagers

Bettors can put wagers on different aspects of a football game. For example, they can bet on Over/Under goal predictions to measure the number of goals scored in a game. Another bet relies on an individual players’ frequency of incurring yellow or red cards through Over/Under booking predictions.

Besides these complex betting parameters, there’s one wager even newcomers can easily bet on: the result of the match. At the end of a football match, there are only three potential outcomes that can occur. A match can result in a draw or a win from either the home or away side. With three potential results, a double chance bet aims to give bettors a chance to bet on one side’s win or a draw.

Predicting a Match’s Outcome

By taking a double chance bet on a home team or draw, a player has two chances to win. This minimises a bettor’s chance of losing to a third of the percentage. The same rule applies if a bettor uses a double chance on an away team.

Keep in mind that a double chance bet can only cover the first 90 minutes of a game. Even if the match reaches extra time or penalties, only the score within the first 90 minutes counts for the set wager.

Understanding the Right Opportunity for a Double Chance Bet

There are numerous opportunities to use a double chance bet. However, you need to look at the right situations to gain the most earnings. If you’re unsure about a bet, placing a double chance bet may be a decent way to win for a specific match. This is usually the strategy when backing underdogs.

Besides siding with underdogs, double chance bets are also useful when anticipating closely matched teams. If the odds of winning are relatively even for either home or away team, a double chance wager lets you play a safe bet.

Like betting chips, you should consider the limits of using double chance bets for the right opportunity. However, you can also use double chance bets liberally as much as possible. Keep in mind that some sports betting platforms have bonus incentives as you sign as a new player. Consider each platforms’ offers of chips and bets to optimise your earnings with multiple wagers.


Understanding the purpose and benefit of double chance and other strategic moves is just the first step of making the right wager. Without accurate information to guide your bets, you’re most likely throwing your money away with little to no earnings to expect. Remember that a responsible and effective bettor utilises facts and figures instead of Lady Luck to make intelligent guesses. For this reason, it’s vital to expand your knowledge of the game’s ins and outs.

Having more information about your teams and players can give you an advantage in predicting outcomes accurately. At DataVision Support, we give bettors the right data to make more informed wagers on English Premier League football matches. Try our free service and make the best football bets today!

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