The Kit Man - February  2020

How to get the most from DataVision's Bet Prediction Tools

Welcome to DataVision Sport, I’m the Kit Man and it’s my job to settle you in to the team and how we do things around here.

Firstly who are we? DataVision Sport is the only dedicated, data-backed English football prediction site. Unlike many tipsters who rely on gut instinct, we use metrics and numbers to make our predictions. This tool is what we call Predict-O-Vision. To access it, all you need to do is set up a free account, log in and find it in our menu.

Hundreds of calculations are fed into the system to determine statistical likelihoods and what bets are most likely. Of course, we can’t predict the future but what we can say is what is most likely going to happen in a given match. 

Using Predict-O-Vision

We want to make the experience as easy as possible.

If you were to flip a coin once and bet on heads you’ll be as likely to lose as you are to win. If you were to flip a coin a hundred times you can be very certain that the outcome of heads will be close to 50%.

Where it gets interesting is if you were able to only bet on the flip of the coin when you predicted a heads outcome was more likely during that particular flip. This is what DataVision does for football with our unique prediction technology. We go a step further still and even recommend how much you should increase or decrease your stake based on the risk and expected return.

Our competitors will promise you 500/1 returns based on accumulators (only showing you the winners of the many they’ve set up) or you’ll get 2% returns (we won’t name and shame this company!).

There’s nothing else that will deliver the consistent, repeatable return that DataVision Sport does.  

How to Use Predict-O-Vision?

Make your way to the tool, the first tool you see in the Our Tools page - viewable for all logged-in members. 

Multiple Smaller Bets
If you have £10 you want to bet in a week, don’t put it all one one a team to win. Your odds of losing it all are high despite what your gut instinct says. Bet with your head, not your heart.

Make a number of smaller bets, in this case, use your £10 for ten single bets for £1 would be ideal. Increasing your number of bets (not your bankroll) improves your ability to absorb the inevitable football upsets.
Yes, some will lose, but following the DataVision predictions you’re likely to get 40% to 60% of these bets correct. Again, we only recommend data-backed bets that we believe are likely to have a good chance to come in.

2. Only Bet When There’s an Edge
Yes Man City might be expected to beat West Brom but if the odds (the potential payout) don’t cover the risk then there’s no point in betting. You may well win but the win won’t have been worth the risk in the long run.

3. Change Your Bet Based on the Risk and Return
Some results are better than others, namely those that have a higher likelihood than the bookies are predicting and therefore have a greater return for the true risk. The DataVision OptiBet is how much you should augment your bet by.

For example, if you normally bet £1 and the OptiBet says 35% you might want to increase your wager to £1.50. Note: It’s important to round your bets, if you’re too precise the bookies will suspect something and you may find your account is banned. Especially when you’re winning.  

4. Don’t Be Tempted By Accumulators
The bookies, and tipsters love accumulators. Why? Because this can make a huge profit.

If a bookie is offering 500/1 on something that is actually 1000/1 or more they’re laughing all the way to the bank.
You see this all the time for “Was and Now Specials''. For example, bookies will show you how generous they’re being with odds of 7/1 for a red card in a match. The reality is only one in every ten matches see a red card.

We’ve ran the numbers - yes the payouts can be huge but you only hear about the accumulators that win. The thousands upon thousands lost every day are swept under the rug - especially from ‘tipsters’ you come across on social media. 

5. Shop Around
You will find different odds from different bookmakers. Some bookies won’t give decent odds for football, so do some research and compare the odds in Predict-O-Vision with some different bookies until you see one that works for you.

The odds we show on site are an amalgamation of a number of different bookies so give a good indication of what’s being offered.

It’s important to note that our odds are not real-time but are refreshed daily - in-game odds will vary wildly from our Predict-O-Vision odds so get your bets sorted in advance.

Why is the DataVision approach so effective? 

Imagine you were to walk into a casino and were playing roulette, betting on either black or red. The odds of this happening are 2/1 (slightly less with the 0 and 00 on the wheel) and the return from the casino will be the same, you’ll double your money if you win. Now imagine you were able to play the same game, betting on black or red with 2/1 odds but the returns are three, four of even fivefold.

The DataVision approach makes this happen. This statistically backed system gives you better returns when placing your bets by providing you with highly likely bets. It's like making that roulette bet on red, but the casino will pay out more than the expected 2/1 it comes in. Although you won’t win each and every time, over a number of bets you are beating the house.

Predict-O-Vision is the only tool where everyday punters get access to powerful prediction tools. You can't find this anywhere else. Read on to find out how to use it. 

The Kit Man's Philosophy

Two credos I live by. One is to always bet with your head not with your heart, and two, there’s safety in numbers. My betting philosophy relies on both of these and sees me deliver some great performance. The process above is how I achieve my numbers backed approach, I make bets with a cool head and never chase the wins.

To date, 75% of my predictions have come to fruition, not bad odds! Although bear in mind, one loss will scrap an accumulator so it's best to stay in the safer markets to maximise your returns.

I'll be sharing more specific strategies and guides in the Clubhouse Newsletter - see you there!

What’s next for DataVision

We’re constantly improving and building new data and metrics into our database to deliver a unique and powerful dashboard hub. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the valuable insights and match predictions along with the football stats that matter to you (and the bookies).

We are still in beta and have a lot more planned:

- More predictions - cards, corners and even more data that other websites don’t have
- More content - weekly Friday bulletins with our top picks and football insight.

The Clubhouse Newsletter is sent to all active accounts (unless you let us know you don't want it) and here you’ll receive weekly tips, product updates and number crunched opinion pieces on the latest in the English football world.

We are always looking to improve our platform so if you have anything you’d like to see please get in touch!