⚽ Over/Under 2.5 Goals
  • Very quickly becoming a go-to wager for football betters, this type of bet involves making a prediction on whether the total number of goals is over or under the chosen number. 2.5 is the most commonly offered but we provide stats on 0.5 intervals up to 5.5 goals. 
  • In case you were wondering about the decimal values, it’s to ensure that a bet will always come about.
BTTS Stats
  • Both teams to score, generally abbreviated to BTTS is one of the most common types of footballs bets made. It’s straightforward and popular as it’s good value.
  • All that is needed to happen is that both teams score during the match, whatever the scoreline. 
  • From our dashboard you can quickly zero in on the likelihood of a particular team to commonly be involved in a match with both teams scoring. 
Corner Stats
  • This is a staple of football betting and in many ways shares similarities with an Over/Under bet. Here, the idea is to bet over or under a certain number of corners happening during a match.
  • DataVision gives you the power to know how many corners have happened in previous matches based on historical data, keeping you in the know. 

Scored In Both Halves
  • These bets tend to have higher odds given due to the lower chance involved. What you’re betting on here is for a team to score in both the first and the second half.
  • Likelihoods of this happening will depend on how a team plays. Some teams are more likely to want to protect a first half lead and will ‘park the bus’, while others will be aggressive and push on in the second half. Historical data can help you decide how you’ll bet. 
  • BTTS in Both Halves is also an option and a bet that you’ll generally find good odds on. 
Correct Score Stats
  • A very simple bet, if you bet on the final score of the game and are right then you win the bet.
  • If teams are relatively evenly matched then you can expect the odds here to be around 6/1 and up. If there’s a strong favourite then expect to see odds drop while any unlikely score lines (think 4-3) will give you odds of around 500-1 and beyond.
Momentum (Mtm.)
  • This is a metric developed by DataVision as a way to gauge if a team is riding high on a wave or if they've started to dip as to what we expect.