How It Works

We love football almost as much as we love beating bookies.

What began with compiling all the English football data we could get our hands is quickly becoming an ever expanding football prediction tool, providing best-in-class predictions across a growing number of global football leagues. Our in-house tool Predict-o-Vision is something you can’t find anywhere else. 

Maybe you’ve always had that gut feeling that your team will keep a clean sheet at home in the next derby. Or maybe that an away team is more likely to score when a certain referee is in control. Now you can use millions of football data points to back your instinct when making a call.

Football Predictions

We provide statistical data on all of the key stats football fans want when betting on a match. When you join our club you get access to the data that makes the difference. 

We provide interactive dashboards that allow you to splice and dice the data from almost 3 million minutes of football statistics.