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"I've been wanting something like this for years! The DataVision lads have changed the game for me"

Dean M - Dublin, Ireland

"DataVision makes it so much easier, not to mention fun to do my weekly punts and accas"

Robert M -  LonDon, UK

"This is the first time I've ever seen a tool that will tell me if the bet isn't worth making based on the bookies odds. It really keeps me on track!"

Neil O' D - Toronto, Canada

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Jack D - London, UK

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Thank you for reading right down to the end, since you made it this far, we hope that you're keen to try out our tool! 

While there are may tipsters out there and platforms that promise eye-watering returns on the back of hit and hope accumulators, we are the only tool to provide you with statistically backed predictions across top flight English football.

We don't want to make profit on the back of our customer's losses, which is why we never ask anyone to get involved in bets that have a low likelihood of coming in, but that instead make the bookies richer. We want to help you make returns on your bets by using data to make your decisions. As we like to say, when it comes to football betting, there's safety in numbers.

The heart of what we're aiming to do is to make value betting available for everyone. In a nutshell, value betting is when you place a bet when the bookmaker has priced their odds cheaper than they should have (according to our predictions). This will happen when the odds offered indicate that something has a lower probability of happening compared to the true probability. Very simply - bookies need to make a margin on their odds, we don't - this is a key factor in how we can find these value bets.

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